It’s Only Words…..

2 Oct

It’s Only Words…..

What we speak and how we say it are powerful tool towards influencing. Choice of words is important to communicate in an effective manner. Our choice of words reflects our emotions, mindset and personality. Many a time, the right intention is disintegrated due to an inappropriate choice of words.

In order to encourage people to take action, it is imperative that we watch our vocabulary and display conscious change in the words that we use.

Our choice of words can

  1. act as a propeller to further action
  2. build enthusiasm to perform a task
  3. convey empathy, understanding
  4. build a relationship
  5. turn around a situation by 180 degrees

Strong words could lead to disagreements thereby resulting in possible fallout. This could lead to instigation of hatred or total lack of co-operation in whatever we say in future. Wrong choice of words can also extinguish someone’s enthusiasm to work for us.

What happens when an inappropriate choice of words is used?

• Usage of strong words may lead to conflicts and disagreements

• Wrong choice of words may create a different image of ourselves

• The other person may lose enthusiasm to continue working

• A harmonious relationship may get affected

• The whole perspective of a situation could be changed

Hence, it is of paramount significance to watch what we say.

Here is a small exercise for you to try out. Replace the below words with an alternate word to convey an effective message.

  1. Worried
  2. Bored
  3. Uncomfortable
  4. Furious
  5. Dissatisfied

Trying out this exercise and replacing our usage of mundane words while preparing for an important discussion or meeting could bring out positive results. Using this technique in our communication could foster more enriched, richer relationships.

And as the famous song from Boyzone goes,

“It’s only words

and words are all I have

to take your heart away”

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