Ignite the Spark Within

Ignite Akademi is committed towards enhancing personal effectiveness through interactive workshops that stimulate Discussion, Contemplation and Introspection. With a focus on elevating employee potential, we help organizations in addressing arenas that require stimulus to reach excellence.

2 Oct

The Sounds We Hear

Many times, our Listening process is interlinked with what we may receive as a benefit from a conversation. This makes listening a transactional process. Our mind starts processing the ‘Give’ and ‘Take’ aspects that listening takes the form of an ‘Exchange’. Being a good listener translates into good relationships which in turn has a positive […]

2 Oct

No, well,errr..actually Yes!

While delivering a programme on ‘Verbal Communication’ recently, we touched upon the topic of ‘Assertiveness’. Why do we find it difficult to say ‘No’ to someone? Some of the answers the participants gave were the fear of hurting the person the fear that they may lose trust on us the uncomfortable thought of causing a […]

2 Oct

It’s Only Words…..

What we speak and how we say it are powerful tool towards influencing. Choice of words is important to communicate in an effective manner. Our choice of words reflects our emotions, mindset and personality. Many a time, the right intention is disintegrated due to an inappropriate choice of words. In order to encourage people to […]